Darwen Rangers Junior Football Club


The team manager is responsible for:

• A duty of care on behalf of the club towards parents and children under the club’s supervision
• Responsibility to implement the clubs policy of participation for all and equal playing time for all members
• Providing the primary point of contact between members of the club, team and parents.
• Attending managers meetings, or sending a deputy if they cannot attend or formally registering apologies if unable to attend.
• Responding to club e-mails in a timely and positive manner.
• Ensuring that all coaches associated with their team are CRC checked and also have basic first-aid training and that adequate CRC checked supervision is available at all times (the club will fund any training courses that are required to meet the above criteria).

Duty of Care

We all have a duty of care to the parents and children under our supervision. The team manager is specifically responsible for:

• Ensuring that all coaches associated with their age group are CRC checked
• Ensuring that a safety check of the playing surface is performed before each training session and match
• Ensuring that all players wear football boots (outdoor), suitable training shoes (indoors) and shin pads at all training sessions and matches
• Ensuring that all equipment used in coaching sessions and at matches is safe and fit for purpose
• Reporting to the club any areas of concern that may breach our duty of care
• Ensuring the players have read and subscribed to the players code of conduct
• Ensuring all players are correctly registered prior to their attendance/participation in matches and/or training session

Participation and Equal Playing Time

It is the managers responsibility to ensure all their players get equal game time.
For 7v7 games this is an FA Law.
As a club, we require this to be a guiding principal for all formats and all age groups.

Here is an interesting short video about how a young player may be thinking when they are on the sidelines.


Communication to Parents

It is important that all parents receive, in a timely manner, information about training, matches and any other Club activities. Timely information ensures parents are able to schedule activities in advance.
It is key that parents are informed of the training arrangements and parents should also have access to a complete and up to date list of relevant contact details for your team.


Team managers are responsible for:

• Ensuring that there is a full first aid kit available at all training sessions
• Ensuring that all equipment used during training is accounted for after training
• Ensuring that after the session all items & litter are removed from the training area
• Ensuring coaching sessions are planned and delivered in a safe structured environment and is at the appropriate level for the age group concerned
• Attending, and encouraging attendance at coach training events
Team managers are responsible for:
• Players at each match are wearing the full kit and is washed and clean
• Ensuring a list is kept that details if any player takes kit home purchased by the club and recovering that kit as soon as possible should they leave
• Identifying any kit defects and informing the club, so that new items can be sourced by the club
The Club will supply footballs to each team. It is the responsibility of the Team Manager to secure and maintain these balls and request any additional balls that are needed

On Match Days

The team manager is responsible for:

• Ensuring that the home game is confirmed with the opposing manager and referee in line with the league rules
• Organising the Assembly of the Goals, Nets & Corner flags as required at home matches
• Ensuring that there is a full first aid kit at every match
• The equipment and safety check on the playing area before the game commences
• Filling in a match card (or online equivalent, depending on the competition)
• Ensuring that the players over 10 years of age warm up and stretch prior to the match.
• The behaviour of club members, parents and players during the game
• Ensuring that payment is made to the referee as required at home matches
• Ensuring that all spectators / supporters stay behind the 2 Metre spectators RESPECT barrier throughout the match
• Ensuring that all items are returned in good condition to their allocated storage area
• Ensuring that if you have used the changing rooms you have left them in the same condition you found them in
• Ensuring that if they are the last manager to leave the ground that all the doors and gates are locked (home games)
• Cleaning up any litter/drinking bottles from on and around the pitch