Darwen Rangers Junior Football Club

It is our mission to make football fun the players. We believe we will achieve this by creating an environment where everyone feels valued and safe, a place where exceptionally high standards are the norm and everyone acknowledges their role in maintaining these standards.

With that in mind we will ask all players, all parents and all managers to agree to sign a charter that sets out how they will aspire to behave and what their individual responsibilities to the club and team are.

These charters can be found at the links below

Coaches Charter

Parents Charter

Players Charter

These documents are important, but are quite lengthy and formal. So here are a few of the central points we would like to encourage everyone to think about.

If you are a coach, or thinking about coaching, this short video may give you pause for thought about equal playing time

If you are a parent, we can all see the problems with being to hard on the kids and abusing officials. These are, of course to be discourage, but thankfully are rare. Our number 1 concern is coaching from the touchline – don’t do it.  This is an issue across all youth sports, and the parent involved probably thinks they are helping – listen to an experienced coaches point of view

If you are a player, do you think you would do what the Barcelona kids did after winning a big final? Can you see what a difference that would make to the spirit of the game if these two teams ever meet again.